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battershy said: *hangs upside down* hi vinyl!

eternitypie said: What's your relation with Octavia?

I think Derpy got it mixed up again….

(( Hey guys! I know some of you are wondering what happened between tiny vinyl and octi but that is for a different time. I mean…if i ever get to it. Other then that. I wanna ask nicely to hold off on the octi asks. This is a Vinyl blog and I don’t have them in any special relationship. Sorry guys :c. Vinyl’s one true love is her music.))

askshadowscoundrelandthegirl said: What would you do during a zombie Apocalypse? and BTW, do you Have Left 4 Dead 2?

Stock up on the med kits and stay hidden till I can get to the safe house.

Oh and try to figure out how to fire a shot gun with hooves….

( She obviously plays too much L4D)

pixisbits said: You ever thought how life would be like as a stallion?

ditzy-doo-deliveries said: Delivery for Vinyl Scratch! One new record set!

ponyplaylists said: Are you going to ever continue that story about when Octavia got mad at you during music school?

( I am going to in the near future. But I need to make a solid story line for it. I’m not much of a writer but I have an idea.)

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